Fabulous Amarone! – In The Press

Amarone, a wonderfully rich and powerful dry red that, despite the trend for lighter wines, has become popular after years of obscurity. With an abv that varies from 14% to a hefty 17.5% this wine is not for the faint hearted, but it rewards the brave with aromas of black cherry, fig, dark chocolate and a rich, velvety palate. We have two Amarone’s and both of them feature well in the results of the Decanter Amarone Panel Tasting, which is impressive, as the judges had to sip and sniff their way through 166 wines. A tough job.


 Amarone Classico Reserva, Pret a Porter, Bottega 2011


The presentation of this fabulous Amarone is sublime –  with a studded leather label and a presentation box that evokes a vintage suitcase. However, it’s not just about the looks, as the wine inside the bottle is divine.

The judges awarded this wine a coveted 93 (out of 100) and it was therefore ‘Highly Recommended‘.

Here’s what they said…

‘Immediately vanilla and creamy blackcurrant aromas spring forth from the glass. These are followed by intense plums and chocolate in a sensual mix with caramel, prunes and smoked almonds. Mouthwatering acidity brings it all together. Decanter Magazine May 2017

Buy now … www.lebonvin.co.uk/amarone-classico-bottega



Amarone Classico Lenotti Estate 2011

Lenotti wines never fail to excite – from inexpensive ‘house’ wines to the less every-day bottles such as this one. Also look at their ‘baby Amarone’ Valpolicella Classico Ripasso which, due to a similar winemaking process where the juice is ‘re-passed’ over Amarone grape skins, it gains extra body and flavour. Anyway, back to the Amarone…

The judges awarded this wine a respectable 87 (out of 100) and it was therefore ‘Recommended‘.

Here’s what they said…

“A wine that is admirably pieced together with sour cherries, plums and clove with aniseed spice coming through underneath. Decanter Magazine May 2017

Buy now … www.lebonvin.co.uk/lenotti-amarone



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